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this is the first I’ve heard of that what did they do?

the igf is racist as fuck and stood by carlotta and defended her disgusting ass. iirc they were also like “oh no carlotta was only commenting on the trend in womens gymnastics toward better appreciating power that black people are known for than the style and grace of yore” or some bullshit like that. as if carlotta has either tbh

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lol france is kinda falling apart too. i’d say go with italy, they look strong this year and vany is always a winner

ugh no the italian gymnastics federation is full of trash human beings and vanessa ferrari and carlotta ferlito are both scum

being a russia fan is so exhausting because life fluctuates from “wow they could do really well this year, maybe team silver!!!” to “i hope they qualify in the top 6” like if shit doesnt look up quick im going to start stanning for team france


Ayu Koike of Japan proving that you very well CAN rock out to a Black & Yellow floor instrumental.

i just hope everyone on the russian team can hold it the fuck together so that we dont actually need fedorova

Asian Games: Subdivision 1


Team Final
1. China (229.300)
2. North Korea (214.650)
3. Uzbekistan (199.800)

All-Around Qualification (all of these are before 2-per country rule)
1. Yao Jinnan (58.150)
2. Shang Chunsong (56.800)
3. Chen Siyi (56.750)
4. Hong Un Jong (53.750)
5. Kim Unhyang (53.650)

Vault Qualification
1. Hong Un Jong (15.350)
2. Oksana Chusovitina (14.675)
3. Unha Ri (14.200)
4. Dilnoza Abdusalimova (13.425)
5. Farah Abdul Hadi (13.100)

Bars Qualification
1. Yao Jinnan (15.650)
2. Huang Huidan (15.450)
3. Tan Jiaxin (15.150)
4. Chen Siyi (14.675)
5. Shang Chunsong (14.150)

Beam Qualification 
1. Shang Chunsong (14.900)
2. Bai Yawen (14.350)
3t. Yao Jinnan (14.250)
3t. Kim Unhyang (14.250)
5. Kim Soyong (13.850)

Floor Qualification
1. Shang Chunsong (13.950)
2. Yao Jinnan (14.800)
3. Chen Siyi (13.775)
4. Kang Yongmi (13.400)
5. Farah Abdul Hadi (13.225)


There are two subdivisions left, so are all subject to change!

daaaaamn china’s not playing around

oh my god seriously this is ridiculous


this isn’t even tennis it’s fucking badminton

take your shuttlecocks elsewhere! there is gymnastics afoot!

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yaaaaaaaaasss huidan yassss


yaaaaaaaaasss huidan yassss